An identifier nickname

From the peculiarity of a single man was born a nickname that becomes that of the all the family and from there of our world.

In many villages of Southern Italy it is customary to give nicknames to people, suggested by physical details or character, that may identify them spontaneous. A bit for fun, a bit for tradition, sooner or later everyone have a nickname given by others: family members, co-workers or neighbors. In Torre le Nocelle this use is deeply rooted and is still alive.

The nickname of all our family is originated by extension from the one given to Florindo Cefalo, one of the founders of our farm in the early '900. Although his strong features and its strong build could inspire many people, it was not a physical detail to suggest the his nickname but his character. The physicist was the ideal container for its nature, gotted stronger with the hard work on construction sites in New York, before returning to Italy. He was demanding, authoritarian true captain of industry capable, at a glance, to put in line family and workmates.
From that identifying characteristic, without any correspondence with a military title, for all those who knew him, he was: Florindo The Captain. And so, in a short time, by extension all the many family members, gathered under one large roof in Bosco Faiano area, became the Captains.

The choice, respectful of tradition, came naturally. The company and its products since 1996, after the official registration of the mark, are known at everyone by the name of "I Capitani". Then as now, the members of the family at the head of the company and someone who work or have worked in this, belong to the great family of "I Capitani".