The other great passion: the oil

Producing high-quality oil is the art of listening to nature

With the same philosophy and passion we put into producing wine, the family dedicates itself to his other great passion: oil, the yellow gold of our lands , concentrated aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean, the seasoning for excellence, healthy and tasty that if it's of high-quality it's an art. A different world respect to the one of wine but anyway from the same base: our lands. A long, meticulous and careful work approached us at the top of this art, from selection of the olive trees in our fields, their systematic study and the desire to value native varieties of olives into disuse as the Ravece . Just this is the undisputed queen of our productions, variety of superb quality but of low yield and for this shamefully discarded by the cultivation of our rural areas. And so everything is reborn with the implantation of a young and lush olive grove for the production of Ravece and Ogliarola avellinese varieties with the little presence of Moraiolo and Leccino.

The olive grove, beautifully exhibited in a well ventilated area, provides us with low yields but consistentlysuperb quality olives. In November, to different degrees of ripeness, olives are hand-picked and pressed directly into the mill of I Capitani : a small gem used only to produce our oils slowly, ever, "at cold", kg after kg to concentrate the flavor and strength of our lands. From harvest to baling exist from 2 to 6 hours maximum . The extra virgin oil so obtained is not subject to filtering, but is set to settle naturally into suitable container away from light and heat. The next step is the bottling. Our magic recipe is so simple that it seems obvious:

Olive perfect, hand-picked at the right time and immediately cold pressed gently. The best oil is nothing more than an olive juice.

So our extra virgin olive oils are born from our own olives and they are among the most prized in Italy, known and appreciated all over the world, real flags and Mediterranean cuisine made in Italy .